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This quest begins when you turn in the essence to Cloud in OOT.

  • This essence drops from any mob on Antonica Island in OOT. He will give you a riddle that start the progression.

Quest 1:

  • Go to Plane of Fear, kill Cazic Thule and loot the Brain
  • Go to The Deep find Diabo and turn in the Brain

Quest 2: Side note: You will need Howling Stone (Charasis) Key (See below)

  • Go to Chardok, kill OverKing and loot Argent Protector
  • Go to Kaesora, kill Xalgoz and loot Staff of the Dreaded Gaze (RARE DROP). He is on a 10min respawn with PH's
    • (For Howling Stone Key: Loot Xalgoz's Fang, then go to Lake of Ill Omen and get the Prod from Chancellor. Turn Both the Prod and Fang to Dugroz (A Froglock) in Swamp of No Hope)
  • Go to Howling Stone (Charasis), kill Drusella Sathir and loot Mirror of Self-Loathing

//Mirror of Self-Loathing now drops from Cara Omica in ToFS (3/11/2021) - no need for howling stone key

  • Go to Everfrost find Diabo and turn in Argent Protector, Staff of the Dreaded Gaze, and Mirror of Self-Loathing
    • Upon turn in, Ture will spawn in front of Diabo.
    • Kill Ture, loot Seal and turn it in to Diabo

Quest 3:

  • Go to Plane of Hate, kill Maestro of Rancor and loot Six Note Blade
  • Go to Iceclad, kill Lodizal and loot Section of Lodizal's Shell
  • Go to Velketor's Labyrinth, kill Velketor the Sorcerer and loot Velketor's Spell Book
  • Go to Gorge of King Xorbb find Diabo and turn in Six Note Blade, Section of Lodizal's shell, and Velketor's Spell Book
    • Upon turn in, Warden Hanvar will spawn in front of Diabo
    • Kill Warden Hanvar, loot Medal and turn it in to Diabo

That completes the quest, return to Cloud in OOT Hail him to finish.