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Druid Spells


  • Reptilian Inversion I
  • Treant Regeneration I
  • Chlorolust I
  • Impound I


  • Natureburst II
  • Wildsurge I
  • Gelidspike I
  • Reptilian Inversion IV
  • Blessing of the Void II
  • Regrowth of the Avatar II

Avatar (BB,MM,SolA):

  • Glacial Crash I
  • Temporalis I
  • Reptilian Inversion II


  • Bulwark of Spines I
  • Reprisal of Tunare I
  • Meandering Death I
  • Infestation I


  • Natureburst I
  • Woodland Rejuvination I
  • Blessing of the Void I
  • Legacy of Steelvine I
  • Eternal Companion I


  • Reptilian Inversion III
  • Regrowth of the Avatar I


Rank 1[edit]

  • Empowered Wildsurge: Ranks 1-20: Up to 100% chance to trigger an additional Wildsurge I when casting Wildsurge I. Increases by 5% per rank.
  • Apex Predator (Cost: 10): Ranks 1: 25% chance to trigger Apex Predator I when casting Natureburst II. Apex Predator I increases Riposte chance by 20%.
  • Skewer (Cost: 10): New Spell: Skewer I - Increase damage shield by 55,000 for 30 seconds 60 second recast.

Rank 2[edit]

  • Reptilian Perfection (Cost: 10): Rank 1: Reptilian Inversion IV will now be cast on up to 2 additional enemies if they are within 70 yards.
  • Convalescence (Cost: 10): New Spell: Convalescence I
    • Rank 1: You bestow a very large HoT on your target for 30 seconds. 60 second recast.
  • Empowered Apex Predator (5 Points)
    • Apex Predator will now apply 100% of the time when casting Natureburst II. Furthermore, having the Apex Predator I buff will now give a player the chance to do an additional melee attack whenever they use a non*special melee attack.

Note: Requires Apex Predator Talent Convalescent Reprisal (5 Points)

  • Casting Convalescence on a friendly target causes you to cast Blight I on a player or pets' target if it is a valid enemy target.

Note: Requires Convalescence Talent Note: Blight I: Very high*damage magic*based single*target DoT.

  • Empowered Natureburst (5 Points): When casting Natureburst II on a group member you will also cast a single Natureburst II on a second group member.

Rank 3[edit]

  • Force of Nature: Infestation I will apply Force of Nature I, a powerful magic-based DoT, on your current target. Any ally that attacks a target afflicted by Force of Nature I will be healed 12000 damage per hit. 1HB, 2HB, 1HS, 2HS, Piercing, Hand to Hand, and Ranged attacks will proc Force of Nature I heal.
  • Feralize (10 Points): You transform your target into a fearsome beast and charm it. Note: Your target is not required to have an animal body type as you transform your target into one.
    • New Spell: Feralize I
  • Moonburst (10 Points): Up to three targets are blasted with a devastating burst of lunar energy as magic damage. If the spell successfully casts you will apply Tidal Force I, a high*damage, cold*based viral DoT, to 3 random targets within range of your target.