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Berserker Pre-God Disciplines[edit]


  • Battle Frenzy I
  • Dreadful Volley I

VP3(seal turn in)

  • Battle Frenzy II

OOT(Seal turn in)

  • Manical Volley I

God Disciplines (71+)[edit]

  • Bloodshed: (71, 41674, 149865, triggers 41675, triggers proc 41676): You slash your target for moderate damage. Triggers Bleed Out (41676), which deals massive damage over time. 10 second recast time.
  • Hyborian Resolve: (72, 149866, 41677): You heal yourself for 20 percent of your maximum hitpoints. 60 second recast timer.
  • Torrent (73, 41678, 149867, triggers 41679) Massive AoE slash. 7 second recast.
  • Rage (74, 41683, 149868, (41684, triggers 41690),(41685, triggers 41691),(41686, triggers 41692)(41687, triggers 41693),(41688, triggers 41694),(41689), ): Single target slash that provides a stacking buff (Rage Effect) that lasts 30 seconds. Rage Effect increases Rage damage by 15 percent per stack. Rage consumes 3 percent health each time used and has a 5 second recast.
  • Form of the Berserker (75, 41698, 149869, triggers 41699): Increase all melee damage by 1000%

DemiGod Talents[edit]

Rank 1[edit]

  • Axe Mastery:Ranks 1-10: Up to 20% chance to trigger three additional melee attacks each time you attack with a 2HS weapon. Increases by 2% per rank.
  • Frenzy Mastery: Ranks 1-10: Up to 40% chance to trigger three additional frenzy attacks each time you attack with a frenzy. Increases by 4% per rank.
  • Resolute: Ranks 1-10: Up to 20% chance to trigger two melee attacks each time you dodge or riposte an attack. Increases by 2% per rank.

Rank 2[edit]

  • Maniac: Ranks 1-10: When using Maniacal Volley I you have up to a 20% chance to trigger an additional volley on your current target. Increases by 2% per rank.
  • Fatality (Cost: 10): Rank 1: When using Trade Blows I you have a 40% chance to cast a second Trade Blows I. You also have a 50% chance to sustain 400,000 damage.
  • Rise to the Occasion: Ranks 1-10: Up to 100% chance to trigger two additional melee attacks each time you attack with a 2HS weapon and have 3 or more targets attacking you. Increases by 10% per rank.

Rank 3[edit]

  • Possessed by Rage (Cost: 20): Rank 1: When using Battle Frenzy II you become enraged, doing 50% increased damage when using Trade Blows I or Maniacal Volley I for 24 seconds.

God Talents (71+)[edit]

  • Improved Form of the Berserker: (41700,41701,41702,41703,41704, trait accessible: 41705, 41706) Increase all melee damage by an additional 100 percent per rank.
  • Improved Torrent: (41680,41681, #trait accessible 41682): Your Torrent skill deals 25 percent increased damage per rank.
  • Cimmerian Presence: Your Torrent now a 25 percent chance * rank to cast an additional Torrent.
  • Trauma: If you have Bloodshed present on your target you have a 10 percent chance per rank to cast an additional Torrent. Requires Cimmerian Presence at rank 4 or greater.
  • Crucify: (41707, 41708, 41709 trait accessible): Rage has a 7 percent chance, per rank of Rage Effect, to proc an aura that reduces the cast time of Rage by 1,2,3 seconds. Lasts 3 ticks.
  • Predation: (41695) You now deal 20 percent more damage per hit of Rage when Rage has 5 or greater stacks, but Rage now reduces your hitpoints by 4 percent each time used.
  • Insanity: (41696) When using Rage, if you have 5 or greater stacks and your hit points are below 20 percent your Rage(5) damage is increased by an additional 20 percent. Requires Predation.
  • Enrage: (41697, 149870) Instantly gain 5 Rage stacks. 3 minute recast.
  • Bleedthrough: Bloodshed now hits all targets within 15 yards.

God Gear[edit]