pet control

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pet control

Post by beet » Sun May 12, 2019 8:21 pm

pet disciple for all classes that have pets, or use pets as a serious part of game play
so at least added to bards and druids

its annoying enough to not be able to use a class skill like fading memories to pull stuff on a bard because you have a permanent charmed pet, but also you cant really even pull with a bard because your pet runs off and tanks crap in really bad positions

and while on the topic of fade dropping pets for classes with charmed pets, these pet classes loose out on aggro dropping capabilities because when you drop aggro you just added another mob to have to fight

are charmed pets so much better as to be worth all these struggles? if so, ok... but am i really going to have to level and flag up a mage/necro/beast to make sure its worth my time and effort to play some pet classes with an arm or two tied behind their backs?

also pet affinity doesnt effect charmed pets, so its useless for bards and druids which was added recently for 250 aa's if i remember correctly

basically my suggestion is to level the playing field from annoyingly stupid (add pet disciple to everyone) to if all pets are going to be equal, maybe make all classes with pets equal

because right now spending the first 5 minutes or more of every zone i go to finding, charming, and buffing (with stupid buffs, like /tgb on run speed for example because druids/bards dont have a summon pet aa) feels pointlessly annoying compared to other classes

if these classes (druid/bard that i am at least familiar with) have stupid and frustrating hurdles to jump over so that they can be (if it, sometimes only by luck, happens to work out) totally overpowered then cool, ill deal with it bro and learn to get good, but i am really suspecting thats not the case

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