Consolidated Patch Notes - Upcoming God Update And Server Enhancement

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Consolidated Patch Notes - Upcoming God Update And Server Enhancement

Post by Shodai » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:39 pm

FYI: Shooting for a release within the next 2 weeks.

#God Tier

God Talent System:

-Players may now progress to level 75.
-Upon reaching level 75 each class will be able to purchase at least 8 new talents. Many will have far more.
-Prior talents will be removed immediately at level 75. To offset the power loss all classes will be able to obtain new spells in the newly released God Tier zones.
-Talents will now alter classes significantly as well as provide much more build variety.
-In-general the approach to talents is much more streamlined and "fun". You will not encounter spell spam as was the case with older talents.
-Certain level 70 talents that provided spells and were considered class-defining or otherwise just good additions to class identity will be provided as dropped spells.
-If a talent (or new spell) is self-cast you will now automatically cast it on yourself without needing to target yourself first. This enhancement will eventually be moved down to older tier talents as well and is a very nice QoL update.

New Spells:

-Every class will receive new spells from 71-75. In-general there are 10-15 per spell-casting class, and 5+ for melee-only classes.
-There will be approximately 200 new spells divided among all 16 classes (not including talents which can grant additional spells/skills).
-Spells now scribe in your spellbook - no more turn-in's. These can also be sold on the auction house.
-As with talents, spells are focused on "fun" and in many cases give far more class identity and can accomodate a very high skill-ceiling.
-Ultimate pets are now gone. You will be able to customize your pet with talents and scribed spells.

New Traits:

-The trait system has been overhauled for God content. All trait effects will provide permanent spell buffs and you can have up to 4 active at a given time.
-Most classes will get at least 3 trait items from Crystallos.

New Map System:

-Once you have reached the initial God Talent Point cap you will be able to acquire maps. Maps will send you to single group instances (2 new zones aside from the 3 already announced). These zones will have accompanying quests that allow you to increase your talent point cap beyond the initial hard cap and max at 50.


-Two zones will be immediately available if you have completed Demigod content: The Elddar Forest and Old Kurns Tower.
-Illuminous (In the Guild Lobby) will provide quests to allow players to level to 75. These quests will involve activities in the above zones.
-The first raid zone (Crystallos) will be available upon reaching level 75.

Initial Gearing:

-Similar to the old Tier 1 - 3 gear system, you will be able to purchase new gear from Mack in the Guild Lobby using Tier 9 credits. This gear is meant to not only increase your power but to also provide you new God focus effects to augment your new God spells.
-This gear will be tradable and can be sold back to Mack for 50% of its initial cost.


-All items going forward will be tradable - even raid items.
-Raid zones will provide Hero's Forge augments as well as gear which you can facet them in.

Focus Removal:

-Demigod focus effects will be disabled at level 75. Talents, spells, and many new focus effects will now fill the gap.

Other Effects Removal:

-Many buffs (Ultimate Enhancement* line, Ultimate Pet Buff, Primal Fury, Seal focus effects, etc) will be removed or disabled at level 75. This was necessary to rebaseline progression. As with the focus removal, talents, spells, and focus effects will quickly erase any gaps.
-Feign and Fade click effects will be rebalanced or otherwise re-tuned to bring back a danger element to the game.

#Viewing Zone Loot

-You may now use !showloot to view a zones loot and associated loot tables. This all ties in with the new zone controller system. Quite nice!

#Player HP Scaling & Marquee Removal

-Item HP values with be "squished", reducing the amount of HP to be gained throughout the gain significantly.
-As a result, mob damage all the way through God will be updated to reflect these changes.
-The marquee to display HP will be removed, as the player HP bar will be reliable again.

#Achievement System (Partial implementation only on next patch, will be fleshed out as time goes on)

-Many quests, turn-ins, etc will grant you flags where they previously have not. New items will be introduced to further increase your character and they will be tied to achievements.
-Some achievements may require you to revisit old content.
-A leaderboard will track various metrics tied to this.


-Weasel (Guild Lobby) will now display his gambling percent chances.
-A new potion will be provided on the Ultimate Credit vendor that gives you increased luck & prevent destroy when gambling in the Guild Lobby. This will apply to further zones/gambling npcs shortly after the next update.
-You no longer will have to buy Gambling Tokens for use in gambling in the Guild Lobby. Weasel will now store gambling credits which can be bought with cash or from the Ultimate Credit vendor. This update will be applied to other gambling npcs shortly after the next update.

#Instanced Zones

-You will now be able to destroy existing instances (Kael, Veeshan's Peak, Plane of Fear, Goblin Vault, etc).


New Hub:

-The multiple-hub system is being removed. The Guild Lobby is coming back in a very enhanced from, and it will be the singular home base for all players.
-You will now gain rested credits while idling in the Guild Lobby or Bazaar. Rested experience will give you increased currency gain for all kills, regardless of the tier.
-You will now gain a rested experience bonus (100% for 1 hour before mods) after idling in the Guild Lobby or Bazaar for 6 hours. If you have any other bonus experience buff it will not overwrite or stack with it.
-There is now a PVP area in the Guild Lobby.

Ultimate Charm:

-All Ultimate Charms will now teleport you to the Guild Lobby.
-All Palantirs will be disabled and can be disposed of.

Tier Currency Transfer:

-Currency transfer items purchasable from Aftershock for Ultimate Credits will now create consumable items that give 100 of their associated currency.
-The items created will be tradable.

Melee Damage Mitigation:

-Tanks will very much feel like tanks again in God zones via talents. Most will receive talents or spells that give flat mitigation amounts, which will have to be used as a compromise with other spells that give melee or spell boosts.
-Warriors will have the highest melee mitigation threshold in God zones.
-Mobs in God zones will hit harder and more often, seeing through traditional melee avoidance stats. No more "proc spam" to get around high avoidance through gear progression alone.
-The changes to tanking in God content will be distilled down to earlier tiers (see below). This may not be available at release of this update, but will come quickly.

Spell Mitigation

-Spell avoidance/absorb was basically removed and is only effective with God tier talents for now. This gives much more room for resists mattering as well as unique boss encounters.


-Talents for Demigod content will be cleaned up to model approached introduced in God progression.
-Specializtions will be introduced starting Temple of Veeshan and going all the way up until Demigod. They will fully replace Focus items (Destruction, Priest, etc).
-You can train 12 specializations, starting when completing Crushbone and ending in Velketor.
-3 specializations will be available, defense, destruction, and healing. They model functionality similar to the God talents. Warriors will feel truly like warriors even at lower tiers now.
-Ultimate Pet buff is gone. All pets will now be on equal footing if you spec into Destruction - no more weak Shaman or SK pets.

Class Balancing (Not coming immediately with next release)

-Significant work will be done to rebalance all classes in pre-God content once the next release is out. This will happen via spell tuning, new or reworked talents, and new spells or skills.

#Ultimate Credits

-You may now purchase a Bottle of Bonus Credits from the Ultimate Credit Vendor. This bottle gives you a buff which increases the amount of credits you gain per kill (any tier) by 1 for 2 hours. This will stack with other currency modifiers.
-You may now purchase a Boss Summon Device from the Ultimate Credit Vendor. This item lets you respawn bosses in your current zone, up through Demigod, once per hour. All boss corpses must be cleared before you can use this item. This will replace Private Instances offered on Aftershock, which are going away.
-You may now purchase a Progression Booster Token (Heroic Character) from the Ultimate Credit vendor. This will boost a character to Demigod (OOT) progression via flags and give the appropriate charm.
-You may now purchase a Mass Resurrection Device from the Ultimate Credit vendor. This will resurrect all allies within 200 yards and will have a reasonable cooldown.
-You may now purchase an Ultimate Credit Transfer Gem from the Ultimate Credit vendor. This will function similarly to other credit transfer items.
-All bottle of adventure potions have been moved to the Ultimate Credit vendor and are no-longer tied to specific tier vendors.
-Certain progression items will now be offered on the Ultimate Credit vendor (Avatar/Ultimate Avatar tokens, Ultimate Avatar Armor Upgrade Token, Salty Tears, Vulakian Tokens, Legendary Molds, etc.)
-Many Ultimate Credit items had their costs reduced.

#Backend/Admin Enhancements

-A new system was created from the ground up that allows for the modification of all mobs in zones on the fly. It also functions as a zone buff script. This greatly enhances how quickly new zones can be ramped up.
-A new system was created for talents/talent creation, which also greatly speeds up how fast content can be added.

#Quest Streamlining

-Generally, if an Ultimate zone had too many quests, or was otherwise "not fun", more often than not the quest has either been removed or the drop made a zone drop.
-Every zone has gotten tuned up with this effort.


-Ultimate Haste has been reworked to remove many stacking blockers.
-Slacker will only retrain spells up to level 70.
-Level 71 - 75 spells will only be accessible by dropped spell scrolls. You will no longer auto-train spells, custom or not, at 71+.
-Ultimate Lay on Hands now has a 10 minute reuse timer.
-A new focus effect will now provide haste for healing spells.
-A new AA Token has been added (100). This will drop in God Tier zones.
-All treasure goblins will now drop AA tokens.
-Vendors will be removed from POK to prevent certain troublesome spells from getting into the game in the 71-75 range.
-The run speed cap will be increased, which can now be augmented by a new SoW spell in God Tier.
-Speed of the Temple will not longer be available to low-level druids. It only comes from its associated item in Ultimate Temple of Veeshan.
-Player corpses are now enabled.
-Tier 4, 5, and 6 credit vendors had their item costs significantly reduced and will now also buy back their items at full cost.
-Tier 6 credit vendor (OOT) will now be located in the Guild Lobby.
-Item to augment conversion costs have been significantly reduced.
-Cheapskate (spell buyback npc) has been removed. Use the Bazaar!
-Crush the Transformed (Ultimate Crushbone) will now only drop a heart. This is all that is needed to gain access to crafting on Forge (Guild Lobby) as well as access to Ultimate Upper & Lower Guk.
-Svalinn, Shield of the Peak is now usable by all classes.
-Ultimate Kael Drakkel no longer requires a group and only have 1 tier. Additional crafting and completion materials will drop as well.
-A Mysterious Avatar in Sleeper's Tomb will no longer limit 1 player per spawn. He will now stay up for 5 minutes and allow an unlimited amount of players.
-A Mysterious Avatar will no longer require the Ultimate Charm - Rank 5 in order to do his rebirth quest additional times.
-Progression beyond Ultimate Sleeper's Tomb requires a new item - Ultimate Kerafyrm's Scale, which must be handed into Mel. Kerafyrm drops 6 each death.
-Bart will now give you an Odylic Vial for free if you wish to make multiple Avatar Items from Ultimate Sleeper's Tomb.
-Ultimate Plane of Fear no longer requires a group.
-Vulakian Armor Tokens are now tradable.
-Bart will now give Fleeting Quivers for free.
-Ancient Megalodon has been nerfed.
-Damage done by mobs and bosses in Solusek A, Mistmoore, and Blackburrow has been reduced significantly.
-Master Yael has been nerfed.
-The Hole details quest items (gargoyle, construct, etc) had their drop rate increased to 33% from 10%.
-Damage from mobs in The Hole has been reduced some.
-Veeshan's Peak now only has 1 rank. Bosses will also now drop MUCH more loot.
-Protectors of Phara Dar in Veeshan's Peak will now drop 2 armor molds each.
-Named mobs which drop tower plans in Tower of Frozen Shadow are now 100% spawns and they drop 3 plans instead of 2.
-Damage done in Tower of Frozen shadow, along with boss HP, has been significantly reduced.
-Veeshan's Peak zone damage was reduced.
-An Ancient Croc will spawn much more often in Upper Guk.
-Arch Magus Phil will no longer disallow turn-ins while Uber Megalodon is active. Other versions of Phil will be updated to have this same functionality soon after the update.
-You will no longer be able to access Avatar zones until you have defeated Uber Megalodon and created your Ultimate Charm - Rank 6 via Arch Magus Phil. This will remove the confusion of multiple item turn-ins in initial Avatar zones.
-Almost every NPC in the Guild Lobby had its quest scripts rewritten. They are very clean and give better direction.
-Various "unfun" elements of starter progression have been removed or otherwise had their time-investment significantly reduced.
-Spell descriptions will be added to the dbstr_us.txt file.
-Non-quest item drops in all Ultimate zones will now be tradable.
-You no longer need pages in The Hole to access Yael.
-Master Yael now drops avatar clickies.
-You no longer need pages in TOFS to access Tserinea.
-You only need an armor upgrade token + a Mastercraft version of your Ultimate Avatar armor to upgrade your armor in The Hole now.
-You no longer need to gamble for Pristine armor in The Hole.
-Ratmen in The Hole are now Druid charmable.
-Slacker should now do a better job of scribing lost or missing spells in appropriate open spell book slots.
-Phara'Dar now drops avatar clickies.
-Veeshan's Peak bosses now drop spells, ascended armor, and class seals. No more quest turn-ins.
-Phara'Dar now drops Perfected Chest pieces. They are no longer quested.
-Gambling has been removed from Veeshan's Peak.
-Unrest non-vis items will now also drop in OOT.
-Class seal quests have been removed, they are now boss drops. They are also tradable.
-Charms are no longer restricted to level 71 mobs in avatar/demigod zones.
-Demigod spells now drop in Plane of Fear and Unrest along with OOT.
-Instances no longer require groups, including Brells Arena.
-All mobs in Bertox Temple are now on a 2 hour respawn timer.
-Boss mobs that bugged out and despawned in Bertox Temple will no longer despawn.
-Free AA, Free Epic 1.0, LevelUp Token, and all AA-granting tokens are now right-clickable. They no longer can be turned into Arch Magus Phil
-All Ultimate Charms now teleport you to the Guild Lobby.
-All Palantirs and Focus items will be deleted when the patch goes live.

#Running List of God Tier Class Updates:


#Wiz spells: God of the Sun (33645, 149599, applies darkside 33% chance (increase to God of the Moon damage 75%)),
#Wiz spells: Maelstrom Cloak(33651, 149602, 600,000 damage rune that procs a massive aoe on fade that also stuns all targets for 5 seconds), Voidshock(32776, 149606) God of the Moon (33647, 149600, applies decaying orbit 33% chance (increase to Singularity damage 75%)),
#Wiz spells: Graviton Smash (33653, 149603), Singularity (33649, 149601, applies corona 33% chance (increase to God of the Sun damage 75%))

#Carryover lvl 70 talents as level 75 dropped spells:
#Ultimate Harvest Mana (34309, 149624, Now 10 minute recast)
#Blink (34310, 149625) + Blink Anchor (34311, 149626)
#Ultimate Mana Burn (34312, 149627, Now 10 minute recast)

#Wiz talents: Voidsnap (32773, Voidshock has a 4% chance per rank to reset all spell gems except Voidshock.,
#Wiz talents: Frost Nova (32775, up to 100% proc on cast of God of the Moon, high damage pbae and root 3 ticks),
#Wiz talents: Potentiate Darkness (32774 -Singularity has a 20% chance per rank to increase damage of god of the moon, frost nova, and blizzard on your current target by 200%),
#Wiz talents: Meteor (Chance to trigger a meteor each time using god of the sun up to 50%. Meteor can also trigger the Darkside effect),
#Wiz talents: Convection: (Every third God of the Sun cast will cause you to cast a Meteor. This can be combined with regular Meteor proc. This also causes you to project fiery destruction around your target, applying the Convection Effect to all mobs within 35 yards of it. This effect increases the damage of Meteor.).
#Wiz talents: Wormhole (32779, Telport 200 yards in front of you or closest LOS. If you are within 200 yards of your destination you will teleport to the closest point possible. No target is required.),
#Wiz talents: Synarcana of Flame (When casting God of the Sun you have a Rank * 20 percent chance to proc a second Meteor when your target has the Convection Effect debuff.)
#Wiz talents: Synarcana of Frost (When casting God of the Moon you have a Rank * 20 percent chance to proc Blizzard (36965) when your target has the Frost Nova Effect debuff.)

#Wiz items: Shining Maelstrom Robes (149604), Trousers of the Void (149605),
#Wiz items: Wand of Voidfury (149608, clicky new spell Enhanced Voidshock, big DD chance to trigger Voidshock),
#Wiz items: Astral Shield of Potential (149609, click Gravitosity, viral increase damage of Graviton Smash)

#Wiz focus: Entropic Destruction I (32771), Cold Fusion I (32772)


#Mag spells: Demigod of Water (73, 35500, 149610, cannot use old furor spell line), Armor of Intensity (73, 35501, 149611, *sets melee texture to 2),
#Mag spells: Aegis of Magmaton (74, 35502, 149612)
#Mag spells: Boon of Ragrax (75, 35503, 149613), Fortress of the Twelve (73, 35504, 149614), Demigod of Earth (75, 35505, 149617, cannot use old furor spell line)
#Mag spells: Malosani (75, 35506, 149619), Barrage of Steel (71, 34306, 149620), Cloudburst of Agnarr (72, 34307, 149621), Bolt of Torden (75, 34308, 149622)
#Carryover lvl 70 talents as level 75 dropped spells:
#Summon Dimensional Gate (34313, 149628)
#Ultimate Pet Whirlwind (34653, 149629, Now 5 minute recast)

#Mag items: Drapes of Amalgamation (149633, Focus damage Barrage of Steel), Singed Slacks of Torden (149634, Focus increase damage Bolt of Torden),
#Mag items: Ancient Koada`Dal Staff (149635, 34660, Increase pet crit change 250% buff),
#Mag items: Shield of Quiescence (149636, pet focus/increase lvl, clicky swarm pet)

#Mag talents: Mystical Transvergence: New mod rod (34305, 149623),
#Mag talents: Elemental Destruction: Mage pet rampage II (3 hits) for 30 seconds (34654, 149630)
#Mag talents: Primal Fury: Mage pet single swarm for 30 seconds (34655, 149631)
#Mag talents: Obliterate Minion: Detonate your Primal Fury pet or pet from Shield of Quiescence for aoe damage (34656, 149632)
#Mag talents: Echo of Steel: Proc off casting Barrage of Steel, increase Barrage of Steel damage (34659)
#Mag talents: Magnetized Steel: Summon all mobs within 75 yards/los to to mob hit with Barrage of Steel
#Mag talents: Water Enhancement - Empowered water pet (dps) (32009, 149637)
#Mag talents: Earthen Enhancement - Empowered earth pet (tank) (32010, 149638)


#Nec spells: Convergance of Death (73, 32012, 149644, Life drain dot), Archfiend (72, 32014, 149645, Regen mana for life)
#Nec spells: Penumbra (75, 32015, 149646, HP transfer to player dot), Argendev's Subversion (75, 34810, 149647, transfer mana to player)
#Nec spells: Augment Malevolence (72, 34811,149648,cannot use old bonefury spell line), Anathema of Hate (72, 34812, 149649, pet),
#Nec spells: Screaming Horror (71, 34813, 149650, 30 sec mes up to 82), Absolute Fear (71, 34814, 149651, fear up to 85)
#Nec spells: Spiritual Regression (74, 34815, 149652, Undead slow 70%), Dark Orb (75, 35245, 149653, Create healng orb), Writhing Darkness (35248,149654,snare/dot)
#Nec spells: Pyre of Bertoxxulous (75, 35249, 149655, fire dot), Boubonic Scourge (74, 35250,149646,disease dot), Touch of Annihilation (74,34825,149657,lifetap)
#Nec spells: Abolish Undead (72, 34826,149628,Undead only nuke), Bone Armor (72, 34827, 149659, nec pet defense)

#Nec items: Sword of Spiraling Death (149640, 35037, Clicky spell: Death Spiral: DD based on number of dots present * 2 million),
#Nec items: The Abyssal Barrier (149641, 35038, ,pet focus + right click poison dot: Abyssal Venom)
#Nec items: Blood-Drenched Robes of Innoruuk (149642, Focus damage increase Pyre of Bertoxxulous), Poxbourn Pantaloons (149643, increase damage of boubonic scourge)

#Nec talents: Dark Offering: Dark orb now heals your group
#Nec talents: Spectral Enslavement: Undead charm (34828, 149660, all mobs but bosses now charmable, not just lvl 71. No fixed duration)
#Nec talents: Downward Spiral: (Writhing Darkness chance to apply Downward Sprial, which increases the incoming damage of Pyre of Bertox, Boubonic Scourge, and Abyssal Venom)
#Nec talents: Leach: (Touch of annihilation has the chance to apply Leach, which increases the incoming damage of Touch of Annihilation, 35042)
#Nec talents: Mass Horror: Screaming Horror becomes an aoe mes for all targets within 25 yards
#Nec talents: Unleash Hatred: Nec pet rampage II (3 hits) for 30 seconds (34829, 149661)
#Nec talents: Outbreak: Spread all current dots on your target to all targets within 25 yards. (34830, 149662)


#Enc spells: Clarity of the Ancients (71, 32955,149666, New clarity 12k per tick), Tashari (72, 32956,149667, Reduce MR by 300),
#Enc spells: Forsaken Deeds (75, 32957,149668, Single target slow 70 percent), Enrapture (72, 32958,149669, Mes up to 82),
#Enc spells: Serenity(75, 32959,149670,AE mes up to 82), Color Storm (74, 32960,, 149710, PBAE stun up to level 82 for 5 seconds)
#Enc spells: Seduction of Ellowind (71, 35905,149671, permanent charm up to 82), Mystic Rune (74, 35906,149672,Single target absorb up to 750000 damage),
#Enc spells: Diminish (75, 35908, 149673,Reduce mob damage by 20% + disease dot),
#Enc spells: Circle of Zebuxoruk (74, 35909, 149674,Group absorb up to 500000 spell damage, 33% max mitigation per hit),
#Enc spells: Neutrality (72, 35910, 149675, Reduce aggro radius up to 82,), Condemnation (73, 35907,149676,Increase melee skill damage taken by 30% + cold dot)
#Carryover lvl 70 talents as level 75 dropped spells:
#Gift of Clearsight (75, 34066,149711,Give your mana to another player)

#Enc items: Wand of Propagation (149665, DD, trigger increase enc dot damage), Shield of Forbearance (149683, 33655, Glyph of Mana - Place a stationary glyph that gives an additional 5k mana to all players within range each tick. Lasts 3 minutes.),
#Enc Items: Drape of Censure (149663, increase damage of Condemnation 32803), Trousures of Attenuation (149664, Increase damage of Diminish 32804)

#Enc talents: Protector's Stance: (34067,149677, Charmed pet assumes a defensive stance for 30 seconds, reducing incoming damage and generating high levels of threat to all mobs within range, but reducing outgoing melee damage by 33%. 3 min recast)
#Enc talents: Duelist's Stance: (34069,149678,Charmed pet assumes a duelist's stance for 30 seconds, riposting all incoming melee attacks)
#Enc talents: Circle of Mysticism: (34070,149679,Group version of Mystic Rune)
#Enc talents: Censure: (33656,149682,You spread Tashari, Condemnation, and Diminish to all targets within 30 yards)
#Enc talents: Turncoat: (32807, 149680) Your target (if mob) aggros the nearst mob to it
#Enc talents: Mana Battery: (33654, 149681) You borrow 125,000 mana from each group member and impart it to your target.
#Enc talents: Concussion: Your Enrapture causes your target to forget all of its' enemies (triggers 34071)


#Redesign info: Warriors now work in stances, Defensive and Offensive. Each stance provides a buff not a running talent. Talents further
#improve each stance and give you access to customization (and eventually traits). Melee/spell mitigation is now a flat incoming amount instead of calculated by stats. This will
#guarantee significant mitigation. Primal fury will now be worked into talents (self-buffed once bought), which opens up items/weapons to new focus effects.

#War Skills:

#Hurricane Shout (71, 36834, 149686): Summon all mobs to within 100 yards to 10 yards in front of you and taunt all.
#Enraging Smash: (72, 36835, 149687): Generate a high amount of threat and do moderate damage.
#Cataclysmic Charge (72, 36836, triggers 36837, 149688): You charge at your targeted enemy within 150 yards (must be 20 yards away or further), dealing massive damage. You will stop 10 yards in front of the mob and the mob will automatically face you. You are only limited by los which means you can use verticality.
#Shout of Destruction (73, 36838, triggers 36855, 149689): You buff your group, temporarily increasing all melee damage done by up to 50% for 2 ticks. Counts as an aura.
#Execution (74, 36839, trigger 36840, 36841, 36842, 36843, 36844 based on hp/talents, 149690): You deal damage to your target based on its current % hp.
#Defensive Stance (75, 35339, 149684): Reduce incoming melee damage by 10%, increase melee damage by 800%.
#Offensive Stance (75, 36830, trigger 36831, 149685): Increase melee damage by 1000%.

#War Talents:

#Improved Defensive Stance (35341,34494,34495,34496,35710, trait accessible: 36867): Reduce incoming melee damage by an additional 4% per rank when defensive stance is active and increase melee damage by 50%. (Max 5)
#Improved Spell Avoidance: (36833,36846,36847,36848,36849, trait accessible: 36868) Reduce incoming spell damage by 4% per rank when defensive stance is active. (Max 5)
#Improved Melee Avoidance: (36832,36850,36851,36852,36853, trait accessible: 36869) Increase chance do dodge melee by 4% per rank when defensive stance is active. (Max 5)
#Improved Offensive Stance (35711,35712,34039,34040,34041, trait accessible: 36870, 36871): Increase melee damage by 50% per additional rank when in offensive stance. (Max 5)
#Improved Hurricane Shout: You slash x3 all mobs summoned by Hurricane Shout (Hurricane Strike, 36854).
#Improved Cataclysmic Charge: You have up to a 50% chance to do double damage with your charge.
#Intensify Anger: You have up to a 50% chance to proc an Enraging Smash on all targets within range when using Enraging Smash.
#Ignore Pain (36845, 149691): You negate all incoming damage for 1 tick. 30 sec cooldown.
#Laugh At Danger: Your ignore pain now heals you for 30 percent of your maximum health.
#Executioner: You deal increased Execution damage when the NPC is below 15%.
#Prime Executioner: Your executioner talent deals an additional 40% damage.

#War Items:
#Black Maul of Obliteration 149692 (Wild Smashing Trait)
#Greataxe of the Prime Executioner 149693 (Death Sentence Trait)
#Platemail of Ascension 149694 (Defender's Potential Trait)
#Greaves of the Battlemaster 149695 (Aggressor's Potential Trait)


#Rogue Skills:
#Murderous Poison (71, 36874, 149696, triggers buff 36875, which triggers proc 36876): Piercing attacks have a chance to proc DD when buff is present.
#Smokescreen (72, 36877, 149697, triggers buff 36878): 100% chance to instantly drop aggro hide yourself from mobs up to level 90. 15 second cooldown.
#Ambush (73, 36879, 149698, triggers 36887): High-damage backstab, requires Smokescreen buff.
#Vendetta (74, 36885, 149699, triggers buff 36886): You apply 3 dots to your target (poison (36880) disease (36881) fire resist (36882)).
#Form of the Tactician (75, 36883, 149700, triggers 36884): Increase all melee damage by 1000%
#Level 70 talents as dropped 75 skills:
#Shadowstep: (36915,149704) You will teleport to your enemy and correctly position yourself behind them now (and face them) if your enemy is within 200 yards. You cast smokescreen on yourself after successfully teleporting. 30 second cooldown.
#Blackout (Formerly Shadowmaster): (36916,149705) You sap your target, mesmerizing it and wiping its hate list). 200 yards max. 60 second cooldown.

#Rogue Talents:
#Improved Form of the Tactician: (36888,36889,36890,36891,36892, trait accessible: 36893, 36894) Increase all melee damage by an additional 100% per rank.
#Massacre (36895, 149701, triggers 36896,36897, trait accessible: 36898): You empower your backstab-type attacks to do more damage per rank and backstab-type attacks become unmissable.
#Critical Weakness: (36899, 149702, triggers 36900) Your target takes an additional 25% damage from all backstabs.
#Assassin's Aura: (36901, 149703, triggers 36902, 36903) reduce the cooldown of backstab by 1,2 seconds).
#Improved Vendetta (poison (36904) disease (36907) fire resist (36910), poison (36905) disease (36908) fire resist (36911), trait accessible: poison (36906) disease (36909) fire resist (36912)): You will apply stronger versions of each dot that procs from Venomous Poison per rank.
#Rabidity: All ranks of Improved Vendetta of Venom proc on all mobs within 25 yards.
#Disregard Caution: You can now ambush without being hidden.
#Advantage (36913,trait accessible: 36914): Your Ambush will deal increased damage per rank.
#Rend: If you have smokescreen active (and have purchased Advantage) you will issue a second ambush.
#Healing Mist: When you use smokescreen you heal your 3,250,000 damage per rank (only rank 1 currently available).

#Rogue Items:
#Core Hound Incisor: (149706, Bloodbath I Trait)
#Felstalker's Dagger: (149707, Acrimony I Trait)
#Shadowstalker's Woven Chestguard: (149708, Tactician's Potential I Trait)
#Trousers of the Deathdealer: (149709, Intuition I Trait)

#Approach: Paladins now have skills which generate endurance along with skills that spend endurance. Typically dropped skills are generators, while talents are spenders.

#Thoughts: Part of the goal is to make paladins 'stay in the game', particularly when having to heal. By more to a more skill-based, typically instant-cast scenario this allows prevents them from
#having to disengage considerably to heal, buff, etc.


#Hammer of Wrath: (71, 36966, 149746) You throw a hammer at your current target for high damage and hate. 6 second recast. 150 yard range, no minimum. Generates Endurance.
#Aegis of Destruction: (72, 36967->36968, 149747) Shield bash all targets within 35 yards of your current target for high damage and hate as well as stun them for 2 seconds. 9 second recast. Generates Endurance.
#Contrition: (75, 36969->36970, 149748) Instant cast group heal, no mana cost. 6 second recast. Generates Endurance.
#Consecrate: (75, 36973->36971 (casts 36972), 149749) You consecrate the ground, healing all group members around you for 30 seconds. 60 second recast. Generates Endurance.
#Fist of Justice (75, 36974->36975, 149750) You stun your target for 6 seconds. 30 second recast, max distance 200 yards. Generates Endurance.


#Seal of Authority: (75, 36976->36977, 149751) You increase all melee damage by 900 percent. Costs 90,000 mana. Instant cast.
#Seal of Wisdom: (75, 36984->36985, 149752) You reduce all incoming melee damage by 6 percent and regenerate 5,000 mana per tick. Costs 90,000 mana. Instant cast.
#Mark of the Crusader: (74, 36587, 149755) Your target takes 150,000 damage each time it hits a player, and each player is healed 10,000 damage each time they hit the target. Lasts 2 ticks. Costs 85,000 mana.
#Wave of Resolve: (75, 36588, 149756) Large group heal. 85000 mana.
#Burst of Resolve: (75, 36589, 149757) Large single target heal. 65000 mana.
#Fanaticism: (73, Fanaticism, 36590, 149758) Fast single target nuke, increased damage done if used on undead. Low mana cost 15,000.
#Bastion of Justice: (72, 36591, 149759) Hybrid-line HP buff.
#Overwhelming Fury (73, 36311, 149760) Righteous Fury line upgrade


#Crusader: (36978, 36979, 36980, 36981, 36982, 36983 trait accessible) Increase total Seal of Authority ranks by 1 per talent rank. Each rank provides an additional 50 percent melee damage.
#Zealot: (36986, 36580, 36581, 36582, 36583, 36584 trait accessible) Increase total Seal of Wisdom ranks by 1 per talent rank. Each rank provides an additional 2 percent melee mitigation and 1,000 (per tick) mana.

#Righteous Shield: (75, 36313->36314, 149761) You completely block the next 2 melee hits (buff drops off). Lasts for 3 ticks. 2 second recast. Spends Endurance.
#Holy Defender: (36315, 36316 trait accessible) Increase number of attacks blocked when using Righteous Shield by 1 per rank.
#Covenant: You generate 2 percent * rank mana when using Righteous Shield.

#Evangelism (75, 36317): Your Aegis of Destruction becomes single target and does increased damage as well as stuns for 2 seconds. Spends Endurance.
#Condemn: (75, 36318->37252, 149762) You expel Seal of Authority ranks, dealing high pbae fire damage. 1 second recast. Spends Endurance.
#Phalanx: (75, 37253->37254, 149763) You charge at your enemy, dealing high damage and stunning them for 2 seconds. 20 yard minimum, 100 a yard range. Spends Endurance

#Blessed Hammer(5 ranks): Generate an additional 2 percent * rank endurance when using Hammer of Wrath.
#Divine Judgement: (75, 37255, 149764): You instantly refresh your endurance. 60 second recast.

#Galvanize: (75, 37256->37257, 149765) You cast an instant large group heal. 8 second recast timer. Spends Endurance.
#Exhilirate: (75, 37258->36073, #) You cast an instant large heal on your target. If you have an enemy targeted you will heal yourself. 7 second recast timer. Spends Endurance.




#Blood Strike: (71, 41845, 41851, 149771) Slash that has 25 percent chance to give Blood Rune. Blood Rune heals you 6 percent life each time you use Blood Strike. 6 second recast.
#Plague Strike: (73, 41846, 41871, 149772) AoE slash that has a 25 percent chance to give Plague Rune. Plague Rune increases the damage of Spear of Hatred by 200%. 8 second recast.
#Shield of Nightmares: (72, 41847->41848, 149773) Absorbs 25 percent of all incoming magic damage for 30 seconds.
#Soul Leach: (74, 41849->41850, 149774) Magic-based DD that also heals the caster for 25 percent of total life. 60 second recast.
#Dark Command: (75, 41855, 149775) Carryover from level 70 talents, summons in front of SK 10 yards and stuns for 3 seconds. 30 second recast.


#Dreadlord's Fury: (75, 41856->41857, 149776) Increase all melee damage by 900 percent.
#Spiteful Bond (74, 41864, 149777)
#Insidious Malady - Disease dot that also lowers all resists. (72, 41866, 149778)
#Edict of the Tier'Dal - Poison dot that lowers target ac. (73, 41867, 149787)
#Touch of Dusk - New lifetap (75, 41868, 149779)
#Lethargy of Korafax - Snare dot- (71, 41869, 149780)
#Absolute Fear (75, 34814, 149651)
#Spear of Hatred (75, 41870, 149781)


#Empowered Dreadlord's Fury: (41858,41859,41860,41861,41862, 41863 trait accessible) Increase all melee damage by an additional 50 percent per rank.

#Empowered Blood Rune: (41852, 41853, 41854 trait accesible) Increases the amount healed by Blood Rune by 3 percent per rank.
#Hastened Blood Rune: Increases the chance Blood Rune will proc by 2 percent per rank.

#Empowered Plague Rune: (41872, 41873, 41874, 41875, 41876, 41877 trait accessible) Increases the damage bonus provided by Plague Rune by an additional 50% per rank.
#Hastened Plague Rune: Increases the chance Plague Rune will proc by 2 percent per rank.

#Deathdealer (41878, 149782): Instantly apply Blood Rune and Plague Rune. 60 second recast.
#Death Strike: (41879, 149783): Single target massive slash. If Blood Rune and Plague Rune are present, it consumes them and heals 25 percent hp.
#Improved Death Strike: Death Strike no longer consumes Blood Rune and Plague Rune. Furthermore, Death Strike heals an additional 5 percent hp.

#Reaper: (41880, 149784) You sacrifice 10 percent of each group members hit points and heal yourself 5 percent per group member. A group member must have over 10 percent hit points. 60 second recast.
#Arch Reaper: You no longer heal yourself with Reaper, but instead deal 15 percent of each group members hit points to your target, but sacrifice 20 percent of each group members hit points. If your group member does not have 20 percent hp they will die!

#Epidemic: (41881, 149785) You instantly spread all God dots to all targets within 35 yards. Requires Plague Rune to be present, and will consume it.
#Night Terror: (41882, 149786) Your Shield of Nightmares now reduces all incoming melee damage by 15 percent.


#Weapon: Wild Death Strike Trait (41886, 149788) Your death strike now hits all targets within 35 yards and also heals for an additional 5 percent hit points.
#Shield: Empowered Dreadlord's Fury Trait (41883, 149789)
#Chest: Empowered Blood Rune Trait (41884, 149790)
#Legs: Empowered Plague Rune Trait (41885, 149791)


#Lord's Commander's Order Trait (149767, 41841): Fist of Justice now stuns all targets around you within 35 yards and does high 1hb damage. (41839). Furthermore it applies a debuff which increases the damage of Condemn and Fanaticism by 200%. (41840).
#Crusader's Resolve Trait (149769 ,41843)
#Zealot's Resolve Trait (149770 ,41844)
#Empowered Holy Defender Trait (149768, 41842):


#Tranquilizing Bolt (71, 41888->41889, 149797): Single target mesmerize/memblur on hit up to level 82. 30 second recast.
#Disengage (72, 41890->41891, 149798): You are fully removed from combat and hidden. 60 second recast.
#Sniper Shot (73, 41892->41893/41894/41895, 149799): Massive damage that is increased depending on distance from target. Breakpoints at 0/100/175 yards.
#Aimed Shot (75, 41896->41897, 149800): Single target massive damage. 4 second cast time. 5 second recast timer.
#Arcane Arrow (75, 41898->41899, 149801): Single target instant damage that returns endurance. 2 second recast timer. Shares a timer with Aimed Shot and Tempest.

#Hunter's Fury (75, 41902->41903, 149802): Increase melee and ranged damage by 1000 percent.
#Instinct of the Predator (71, 41919, 149803): Ultimate Predator I upgrade that gives additional triple attack and double attack chance and better accuracy.
#Foreststalker's Deluge (74, 41920, 149804): Fast cast moderate heal. 5 second recast.
#Gale of Fire (74, 41921, 149805): Fast cast fire dd, .5 sec, 20 second recast.
#Gale of Ice (74, 41922, 149806): Fast cast ice dd, .5 sec, 20 second recast.
#Godly Spirit of the Wolf (75, 41923, 149807): Increase run speed.
#Potential of the Elders (75, 41924, 149808): Endurance regen buff.
#Vinelash (72, 41925, 149809): AE Snare, 3 ticks.


#Empowered Hunter's Fury (41904, 41905, 41906, 41907, 41908, 41909 trait accessible): Increase ranged and melee damge by an additional 100 percent per rank
#Tempest (41900->41901, 149810): You hit all targets within 35 yards of your current target. 3 second recast timer.
#Aura of the Sharpshooter (41911, 41912, 41913 trait accessible): Arcane Arrow has a 7 percent chance per rank to proc an aura that reduces the cast time of Aimed Shot by 2,3,4 seconds. Lasts 3 ticks. Only one Ranger aura may be present at a time.
#Aura of the Sentry (41914, 41915, 41916 trait accessible): Arcane Arrow has a 7 percent chance per rank to proc an aura that reduces the cast time of Tempest by 2,3,4 seconds. Lasts 3 ticks. Only one Ranger aura may be present at a time.
#Redirection: (41917, 149811): When this buff is present on a friendly target you redirect all hate generated by Sniper Shot to your friendly target.
#Master Marksman: When behind your target you have a 6 percent chance per rank to fire an additional Aimed Shot.
#Marked For Death (41918, 149812): Any mob with this debuff recieves a second Sniper Shot when hit with sniper shot.
#Warpath(): You gain a 10 percent chance per enemy near your target to fire a second Tempest.
#Focused Wrath: Disengage now applies Tunnel Vision (41910), which reduces the recast time of Sniper Shot to 1 second.

#Bow (149796, 41926, Kill Command Trait): Your Sniper Shot now hits all targets within 35 yards. If no targets are within 35 yards it will proc an additional Sniper Shot.
#Chest (Warden's Gleaming Carapace, 149793, 41927, Hunter's Fury Trait)
#Legs (Deathstalker's Shinguards, 149794, 41928, Sentry's Tenacity Trait)
#Helm (Coif of Focused Intensity, 149795, 41929, Sharpshooter's Tenacity Trait)


#Lacerate (71,41930->41931,149817): Claw with your right hand. Generates 2 percent endurance. 5 second recast.
#Carve (72,41932->41933,149818): Claw with your left. Generates 2 percent endurance. 5 second recast.
#Roar of Frost (73,41934->41935,149819): Instant ice DD. 100 yard range. 9 second recast.
#Roar of Disease (74,41936->41937,149820): Instant disease DD. 100 yard range. 9 second recast.
#Fury (75,41938->41939,149821): Claw with your right and left hand at a the same time for massive damage. 16 second recast.

#Animist's Fury (75, 41955->41956, 149822): Increase melee damage by 800 percent.
#Lucidity (73, 41963, 149823): Upgraded Lucid Dream line.
#Shadoo's Vow (74, 41964, 149824): Fast cast moderate heal. 5 second recast.
#Ultimate Pet Whirlwind (34653, 149629): Now 5 minute recast.
#Potential of the Elders (75, 41924, 149808): Endurance regen buff.
#Instinct of the Predator (71, 41919, 149803): Ultimate Predator I upgrade that gives additional triple attack and double attack chance and better accuracy.
#Mammoth Boon (75, 41965, 149825, pet heal)
#Spirit of Ferocity (73, 41966, 149826, pet haste)
#Aegis of Dragonscales (73, 41967, 149827, pet damage mitigation)
#Demigod of Onyx (73, 41968, 149828, cannot use old seethe the spell line)

#Empowered Animist's Fury (41957,41958,41959,41960,41961,41962 trait accessible): Increase melee damage by an additional 75 percent per rank
#Spirit of the Wolverine: Pet rampage II (3 hits) for 30 seconds (41954, 149829)
#Sha's Animus: Your pet gains the ability to proc Sha's Animus (41952,149830) (60 percent slow).
#God of Obsidian: (41969, 149831) Empowered BST pet.
#Bloodlust Aura: Your pet has a chance to proc Bloodlust (41973->41951, 149832), increasing the groups' melee haste (over cap) by 35 percent for 1 tick (hundred hands effect).
#Deafen: Your Roar of Frost (41940) and Roar of Disease (41941) now hits all targets within 35 yards. If you have Tuzil's Savagery then Roar of Tuzil will also hit all targets within 35 yards.
#Tuzil's Savagery: You have a 20 percent chance per rank to cast Roar of Tuzil (41942) each time you use Roar of Frost or Roar of Disease. Roar of Tuzil does targeted AE Poison damage.
#Empowered Roar of Frost (,,): Roar of Frost has a 10 percent chance per rank to proc Meltdown (41946) , a fire-based DoT.
#Empowered Roar of Disease (,,): Roar of Disease has a 10 percent chance per rank to proc Fester (41945), a disease-based DoT.
#Furious: Fury gains an additional swing if the target has Meltdown (41943). Fury gains another additional swing if the target has Fester (41944).
#Growl: Lacerate and Carve now have a 5 percent chance per rank to proc Growl (41947,41948,41949,41950). Growl I/II/III/IV (trait accessible) reduces the recast time of Roar of Frost and Roar of Disease by 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds per rank for three ticks.

#Primary Claw (149813, pet crit increase 34660)
#Secondary Claw (149814, pet focus 9691) 11468
#Chest (149815, 41970, Animist's Fury Trait)
#Legs (149816, 41971, Empowered Growl Trait)


#Berserker Skills:
#Bloodshed: (71, 41674, 149865, triggers 41675, triggers proc 41676): You slash your target for moderate damage. Triggers Bleed Out (41676), which deals massive damage over time. 10 second recast time.
#Hyborian Resolve: (72, 149866, 41677): You heal yourself for 20 percent of your maximum hitpoints. 60 second recast timer.
#Torrent (73, 41678, 149867, triggers 41679) Massive AoE slash. 7 second recast.
#Rage (74, 41683, 149868, (41684, triggers 41690),(41685, triggers 41691),(41686, triggers 41692)(41687, triggers 41693),(41688, triggers 41694),(41689), ): Single target slash that provides a stacking buff (Rage Effect) that lasts 30 seconds. Rage Effect increases Rage damage by 15 percent per stack. Rage consumes 3 percent health each time used and has a 5 second recast.
#Form of the Berserker (75, 41698, 149869, triggers 41699): Increase all melee damage by 1000%

#Berserker Talents:
#Improved Form of the Berserker: (41700,41701,41702,41703,41704, trait accessible: 41705, 41706) Increase all melee damage by an additional 100 percent per rank.
#Improved Torrent: (41680,41681, #trait accessible 41682): Your Torrent skill deals 25 percent increased damage per rank.
#Cimmerian Presence: Your Torrent now a 25 percent chance * rank to cast an additional Torrent.
#Trauma: If you have Bloodshed present on your target you have a 10 percent chance per rank to cast an additional Torrent. Requires Cimmerian Presence at rank 4 or greater.

#Crucify: (41707, 41708, 41709 trait accessible): Rage has a 7 percent chance, per rank of Rage Effect, to proc an aura that reduces the cast time of Rage by 1,2,3 seconds. Lasts 3 ticks.
#Predation: (41695) You now deal 20 percent more damage per hit of Rage when Rage has 5 or greater stacks, but Rage now reduces your hitpoints by 4 percent each time used.
#Insanity: (41696) When using Rage, if you have 5 or greater stacks and your hit points are below 20 percent your Rage(5) damage is increased by an additional 20 percent. Requires Predation.

#Enrage: (41697, 149870) Instantly gain 5 Rage stacks. 3 minute recast.

#Bleedthrough: Bloodshed now hits all targets within 15 yards.

#Crom's Gift: (41724->41710, 41711 Trait Accessible, 149871) For 30 seconds Barbarian Slash and Rage cause you no harm. 2 minute reuse timer.
#Barbarian Slash (41712->41713, 149872): High damage slash that consumes 4 percent of your hit points. 8 second reuse time.
#Destroyer: (41714, 41715 trait accessible): Your Barbarian Slash now does 25 percent more damage per rank but consumes 5 percent of your hitpoints.
#Thulsa's Doom: (41676): Hyborian Resolve now heals you for 35 percent of your total health and returns 25 percent of your total endurance.

#Berserker Items:
#Atlantean Sword (41717,149861,Crom's Promise Trait(Increase duration of Crom's Gift to 48 seconds) ))
#Cuirass of The Berserker (41723,149862, Berserker's Potential I Trait)
#Shinguards of Crucifixion (41718,149863, Crucifixion Trait) #removed torrential destruction trait for later on (41719)
#Skullcap of The Destroyer (41720,149864, Destroyer Trait)


#Note: Monk skills use no endurance.
#Note: All Gate Talent buffs will only tick down endurance/hp while actively in combat.
#Note: You can cancel Gate Talent buffs by clicking the associated skill while the buff is active.

#Monk Skills:
#Thunderfist (71, 41725->41726, 149877): You strike your target with 3 rapid punches. 5 second recast.
#Godly Mend (72, 41727, 149878): You instantly restore 50 percent of your hitpoints and 35 percent of your endurance. 3 minute recast.
#Roundhouse (73, 41728->41729, 149879): You strike your target with a brutal kick. 7 second recast.
#Tiger Knee (74, 41731->41732, 149880): You strike your target with a devastating flying kick. 9 second recast.
#Dash (74, 41733, 149881): You insantly dash 75 yards straight ahead. 3 seconds recast.
#Form of the Master (75, 41734->41735, 149882): Increase all melee damage by 1000%

#Monk Talents:
#Improved Form of the Master: (41736,41737,41738,41739,41740, trait accessible: 41741, 41742) Increase all melee damage by an additional 100% per rank.
#Inner Gate (Wonder): (149883, 41743->41744,41745,41746, updates Thunderfist to 41747,41748,41749) You increase the damage of Thunderfist by 25 percent per rank. Costs 15,000 endurance per tick while active.
#Inner Gate (Limit): (149884, 41750->41751,41752,41753 updates Roundhouse to 41754,41755,41756) You increase the damage of Roundhouse by 25 percent per rank. Costs 10,000 endurance per tick while active.
#Inner Gate (Death): (149886, 41757->41758,41759,41760 updates Tiger Knee to 41761,4162,41763) You increase the damage of Tiger Knee by 25 percent per rank. Costs 20,000 endurance per tick while active and drains 50,000 hitpoints per tick. Inner Gate (Death) will automatically remove Inner Gate (Life) if it is active.
#Inner Gate (Life): (149885, 41781->41782) While active you regenerate 10,000 endurance per tick. Inner Gate (Life) will automatically remove Inner Gate (Death) if it is active.
#Enhanced Godly Mend: If Inner Gate (Life) is active when you use Godly Mend you now heal for 75 percent of your hitpoints and 50 percent of your endurance.
#Flurry of Fists: (149887, 41764->41765,41766, trait accessible: 41767) Reduces the cast time of Thunderfist by 1 second per rank.
#Hurricane: (41730, 41768, Limit: 41769, 41770, 41771) Roundhouse now hits all targets around you.
#Harmony: Roundhouse now has a 25 percent * rank chance to cast an additional Roundhouse. If Inner Gate (Limit) is active you will cast another additional Roundhouse.

#Free 41772-41777

#Monk Items:
#Wu's Burning Fist (Primary): (41777, 149873, Empowered Death Trait-second tiger kick if Inner Gate (Death) is active)
#Wu's Burning Fist (Secondary): (41778, 149874, Flurry of Fists Trait) 11612 model
#Chestwraps of The Master: (41779, 149875, Master's Potential I Trait)
#Shinguards of Harmony: (41780, 149876, Harmony of Destruction Trait)


#Shaman totems that provide offensive buffs will stack with other effects an focus, including other player totems. All buffs from totems are additive with all new effects.
#Shaman totem buffs should also apply to pets now
#All totems effects have a 150 yd range (PBAE)
#All totems last 60 seconds

#Shaman Spells:
#Malosani (75, 35506, 149619)
#Cynosure (75, 41774, 149892, Increase stat cap of AGI/DEX/STR + Max HP Buff) ->strip blessing of the void I/II
#Turgur's Entropy (74, 41775, 149893, 70 percent slow)
#Exhaustion (71, 41776, 149894, New 48 second root)
#Ultimate Haste (71, 41777, 149895, Shaman Version of Ultimate Haste (17771))
#Godly Spirit of the Wolf (75, 41923, 149807)
#Infinity (75, 41783, 149896, New Cannibalize 5 percent health for 2 percent mana)
#Talisman of the Wildcat (73, 41784, 149897, New puma line)
#Torpor of Thex'Ka (75, 41786->41799, 149898)
#Gift of Vox (75, 41787, 149899, long cast medium heal)
#Prosperity (72, 41788, 149900, normal hp regen)
#Boreal Frenzy (72 ,41789, 149901, cannot use old pet buff spell line, add pet texture 2) remove 12389
#Demigod of the North (72, 41790, 149902, new pet race 580)
#Boreal Armor (72, 41791, 149903, pet defense) 34827
#Tundra Boon (75, 41792, 149904, pet heal)
#Ruin (75, 41793, 149905, Reduce mob damage by 10% + Disease dot)
#Curse of the Northwind (74, 41795, 149906, Magic DoT)
#Kerafyrm's Torment (73,41797, 149907, Poison DoT)

#Shaman Talents:
#Totem of Earth (149908, 41814->41815,41816,41817 effect 41805, 41806, 41807 trait accessible) All allies now Mitigate up to 25,000 hitpoints per hit from all mobs melee attacks. Increase amount of damage mitigated by 25 percent per rank. (SE_NegateAttacks)
#Totem of Wind (149909, 41818->41819 eff 41808) Increase all allies flurry chance by 50 percent. (SE_Flurry)
#Totem of Destruction (149910, 41820->41821,41822 (vamp) eff 41809) Increase all players critical damage by 50 percent. (SE_CriticalDamageMob)
#Totem of Life (149911, 41823->41824,41825,41826 41811, 41812, 41813 trait accessible) All allies now heal 25,000 hitpoints per rank. (HoT)
#Empowered Torpor (#) Your Torpor of Thex'Ka now heals 25 percent more life per tick. (41800)
#Totality: Your Torpor of Thex'Ka will now land on all group members and pets. (41801, 41802)
#Veil of Lethargy: Turgur's Entroy will now land all all mobs within 35 yards of your target. (149917, 41803)
#Veil of Weakness (AoE Malosani) (75, 41773, 149912)
#Magic Focus: Curse of the Northwind now deals 50 percent more damage per tick. (41796, 149913)
#Poison Focus: Kerafyrm's Torment now deals 50 percent damage per tick. (41798, 149914)
#Disease Focus: Ruin now deals 50 percent more damaage per tick. (41794, 149915)
#Epidemic: (41804, 149916) You spread Ruin, Permafrost, and Kerafyrm's Torment to all enemies within 35 yards of your target if your target has the dot.


#Additive Melee Damage Focus Effects
#Intensity I/II/III: (36857, 36858, 36859, increases melee damage (focus amount additive with buffs).

#Weapon Procs
#Strike of Anarchy I (36860, DD + Hate)
#Strike of Destruction I (36921, DD)

#Armor/Weapon Worn Effects
#Twincast I (Give twincast, 36933)
#Twinheal I (Give twinheal, 36934)
#Spell Range I (36939, )
#Spell Cost Reduction I (36938, )
#Spell Haste I (36937, )
#Fire Damage I/II (, 36927, 40587)
#Cold Damage I/II (36928, 40588)
#Magic Damage I/II (36929, 40589)
#Poison Damage I/II (36930, 40590)
#Disease Damage I/II (36931, 40591)
#Chromatic Damage I/II (36932, 40592)
#Beneficial Duration I (36935, )
#Detrimental Duration I (36936, )
#Critical Spell Damage I, II, III, IV, V (36945,36946,36947,36948,36949,Increase critical spell damage by %)
#Critical DoT Damage I, II, III, IV, V (36950,36951,36952,36953,36954, Increase critical dot damage by %)
#Critical Spell I/II/III (36955, 41834, 41835)
#Heal Critical Chance I/II/III (36956, 41829, 41833)
#Heal Over Time Critical Chance I/II/III (36957, 41831, 41832)
#Heal Power I/II/III (36958, 41828, 41830)
#Cripple I/II/III (Increase crippling blow chance, 36861)
#Critical Melee I/II/III (Increase critical chance of all melee attacks/skills, 36926, 41836, 41837)
#Triple Attack Attack I/II (Increase chance of Triple Attack, 36925, 40582)
#Double Attack I/II (Increase chance of Double Attack, 36924, 40583)
#Parry I/II (Increase chance to Parry, 36923, 40584)
#Dodge I (Increase chance to Dodge, 36872, 40585)
#Riposte I (Increase chance to Riposte, 36873, 40586)
#Flurry I, II, III, IV, V (36959, 36960, 36961, 36962, 36963)
#Critical Melee Damage I, II, III, IV, V (36940,36941,36942,36943,36944, Increase critical hit damage by %)

#Specific Skills
#Backstab I (Increase damage of Backstab)
#Flying Kick I (Increase damage of Flying Kick)
#Skill Accuracy I (Increases accuracy of auto-attack type melee/ranged skills)
#Skill Potential I (Increase damage of auto-attack type melee/ranged skills)

40282^6^Meteor now hits all targets within 200 yards.^0
40284^6^Increased chance to trigger Voidsnap by 10 percent.^0
40285^6^Elemental Destruction will now also be applied to all God swarm pets.^0
40287^6^Bolt of Torden causes you to radiate damage all around you.^0
35037^6^You deal 2 million damage per God dot on your target.^0
35038^6^High damage poison DoT.^0
40289^6^Empowered damage increase of God dots, including Writhing Darkness.^0
40290^6^Empowers Downward Spiral to further increase the damage of God DoTs, including Writhing Darkness.^0
32780^6^High damage single target DD that can proc Voidsnap.^0

#Note: You can only have 4 traits active (as perma-buffs) at any given time. Traits which modify existing talents/spells/skills which give buffs
#must be active on you before you buff yourselelf.

#Wild Smashing Trait (36862, Trigger spell script spell 36863, WAR). Enraging Smash hits all targets in range when trait buff present.
#Death Sentence Trait (36864, WAR). Executioner and Prime Executioner will now trigger at 25% when trait buff is present.
#Defender's Potential Trait (36865, WAR). +1 to your Improved Defensive Stance, Improved Spell Avoidance, and Improved Melee Avoidance talents. Trait buff must be present when casting Defensive.
#Aggressor's Potential Trait (36866, WAR). +2 to your Improved Offensive Stance talent. Trait buff must be present when casting Offensive.

#Tactician's Potential I Trait (36917, ROG). +2 to your Empowered Echo of the Tactician talent.
#Intuition I Trait (36918, ROG). +1 to your Advantage talent.
#Bloodbath I Trait(36919, ROG) +1 to your Massacre talent.
#Acrimony I Trait (36920, ROG) +1 to your Improved Venom talent.

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