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Warrior Disciplines

Avatar(BB,MM,SolA) :

  • Arc of Death I
  • Veteran Tactics I


  • Arc of Death II

VP3(seal turn in):

  • Arc of Death III

OOT(Seal turn in):

  • Echo of Rallos I


Rank 1[edit]

  • Weapon Affinity
    • Ranks 1-20: Up to 20% chance to trigger three additional melee attacks each time you attack with a 1HS or 1HB weapon. Increases by 2% per rank.
  • Battle Ready
    • Ranks 1-10: Up to 10% chance to trigger an additional melee attack each time you dodge or riposte an attack. Increases by 1% per rank.
  • Overconfidence
    • Ranks 1-10: Up to 100% chanec to trigger two melee attachs each time you taunt your target. Increases by 10% per rank.

Rank 2[edit]

  • Blademaster (Cost 5): When you proc Weapon Affinity you have a 5% chance to issue two additional melee attacks that do double damage.
    • Additional Detail: Requires Weapon Affinity.
  • Sweeping Strikes
    • Ranks 1-10: When using 1HS or 1HB weapon you now have up to 20% chance to trigger two additional melee attack on each enemy within 20 yards. Increases by 2% per rank.
  • Furious Charge (Cost 10): You charge at your target if it is in line of sight, stun it for 4 seconds, castd a single Echo of Rallos I, and do massive bash damage. 20 second recast.
    • Additional Detail: Your Charge Discipline will now cause you to charge at your target.
    • Additional Detail: Your target must be at least 15 yards away for this to trigger.
  • Eruption (Cost 10): When you use Mock you will now leap into the air 40 yards. When you land you will issue 4 melee attacks to all targets within 40 yards of your landing spot. 20 second recast.
    • Additional Detail: If running when using Mock you will leap in the direction of your movement. You must have 40 yards of height above you in order for this to trigger.

Rank 3[edit]

  • Rage (Cost 20): Echo of Rallos I now summons up to six mobs within 40 yards to your feet, stuns them for 1 second, and casts an additional Echo of Rallos I on each summoned target. If a target is permanently rooted it will not be summoned by will still take damage if within 40 yards.
  • Execute (Cost 10): You learn a new skill: Execute I.
    • Execute I: You let loose a slash that does major damage. Each time you trigger execute you gain an executioner point. Once you reach 5 your next execute will deal 4x the normal damage. If your target is below 10% health, you deal 6x the normal damage. Executioner points last for 120 seconds. 15 second recast.
  • Empowered Furious Charge (Cost 10): Your furious charge now does 50% more damage and heals your group for 400,000 hit points.