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Server costs have increased dramatically with the brand new hardware, so I have created a new in-game system to reward those who wish to help out with them.

  • Private Instances
  • Progression booster items as well as currencies for crafting.
  • Summonable utility NPC's.
  • Potions (Bottles of Superiority)
  • Custom pet names, titles, and surnames.

Ultimate Credits[edit]

Ultimate Credits can be purchased in-game from Quake for platinum. Speak to him for more information!  You can also get Ultimate Credits through donations to the server. They are offered in the following format only:

  • $15 Donation: Bronze Ultimate Credit Token (Gives 30 Ultimate Credits)
  • $25 Donation: Silver Ultimate Credit Token (Gives  50 Ultimate Credits)
  • $50 Donation: Gold Ultimate Credit Token (Gives 125 Ultimate Credits)
  • $100 Donation: Platinum Ultimate Credit Token (Gives 300 Ultimate Credits)

These can be turned into Foreshock in the Ultimate Lobby and will be immediately converted into Ultimate Credits for your use on Aftershock.

How to Donate[edit]

Donations must be sent via Paypal Friends & Family only to:

Please also note in your donation what character you want your Ultimate Credit Tokens to be sent to. If requesting Ultimate Credit Tokens please only donate in one of the four formats above, and please give me all information necessary so I can get them to you quickly. If you decide you want to help out and make a donation, please contact me on Discord for the fastest turnaround.

One-Time Donations[edit]

  • Character Transfer ($25):
    • You may transfer 1 character from a single account to another. This requires significant manual work by me to transition over all flags and verify the copy has also brought all gear, spells, etc.
  • Personalized Item ($25):
    • Choose an item you currently possess and I will make a version of it with a name customized by you as well as a weapon graphic of your choice. 
      • No vulgar or otherwise names deemed inappropriate for the server will be accepted.*
      • The item graphic must be usable by EQEMU*
  • Use Your Imagination ($75):

- You may make a special request, and if I deem it to not affect the sanctity of the server or break any rules, I will make it happen.