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  • Fiery Requiem I
  • Harmony of Kerafyrm I
  • Nocturn I
  • Chaotic Disempowerment


  • Chorus of Solace II
  • Requiem of Cinders II
  • Echo of Levity I

Avatar (BB,MM,SolA):

  • Wreckless Blade I
  • Tone of the Avatar I
  • Fast Forward I


  • Melody of the Imperiled I
  • Melody of Enfeeblement I
  • Dire Blade I


  • Requiem of Cinders I
  • Melodic Crippling I
  • Chorus of Solace I
  • Sonata of Slavery I


  • Death March I
  • Psalm of the Avatar I

T7 Talents[edit]

Rank 1[edit]

  • Chorus of Disempowerment (Cost: 10): Rank 1: You now cast Melody of the Imperiled I, Melody of Enfeeblement I, and Requiem of Cinders II at one time.
    • New Spell: Chorus of Disempowerment I
  • Enhanced Destruction: Ranks 1-10: Up to 30% chance to trigger four additional melee attacks each time you attack with a 1HS or 1HB weapon. Increases by 3% per rank.
  • Eloquent Reprisal: Ranks 1-10: Up to 20% chance to trigger three attacks each time you dodge or riposte an attack. Increases by 2% per rank.

Rank 2[edit]

  • Amplify (Cost: 10): Rank1: Casting amplify now refreshes the majority of your dots, debuffs, or beneficial spells depending on your target.
    • New Spell: Amplify I
  • Chorus of Empowerment (Cost: 10): Rank 1: You now cast Chorus of Solace II, Dire Blade I, and Death March I at one time.
    • New Spell: Chorus of Empowerment I
  • Trickster (Cost: 10): Rank 1: You summon three halfling rogues to do your bidding for 30 seconds.
    • New Spell: Trickster I

Rank 3[edit]

  • Bristlebane's Agitation: When using amplification you now spread all of your debuffs to all targets within 40 yards.

T8 Talents[edit]

  • Rank 2: Chorus of the Demigod (5 Points)
  • You learn a new song: Chorus of the Demigod I

Note: Chorus of the Demigod I has increased HP and Mana regeneration compared to Chorus of Solace II. Note: If you have Chorus of Empowerment I this will apply with it as well now.

  • Rank 2: Echo of Volatility (5 Points)
  • You learn a new song: Echo of Volatility I
  • Note: Echo of Volatility has increased range, damage, and melee speed reduction compared to Echo of Levity I.
  • Rank 2: Enhanced Disempowerment (5 Points)
  • All spells cast by Chorus of Disempowerment will now have enhanced versions that do additional damage and will also hit all mobs within 60 yards if they are within line of sight.

Requires Talent: Chorus of Disempowerment

  • Rank 3: Shared Burden (10 Points)
  • All songs cast by Chorus of Empowerment will now also apply to all pets within range.

Rank 3: Charm Fury (10 Points)

  • Your charmed pet will now do increased damage and receive Evasive Minion II.

Note: You must charm the pet using Attune I (Bard Ultimate 2.0)