70-75 aa testing

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70-75 aa testing

Post by tupp » Tue Mar 05, 2019 6:04 am

Have tested a few characters very briefly, here's some feedback. will continue testing and update where possible.

- minor increase in LB damage due to health increase on level, but minimal if any dmg output increase
- mortal coil, triggers on mob death could be OP
- touch of the cursed, provides perma lifedrain on melee attack could be OP
- harm touch / leech touch are largely useless due to CD timers, perhaps tweak to these AA upgrades

- Armor of the Inquisitor, nice defensive CD incr healing effectiveness by 25% and AC by .... 67? Can this be upped?
- Healing light, triggers a group heal on stun cast - could be OP, if heal is large
- Inquisitors judgment, offensive CD, unknown effect 419

- Call hither, same as dark command for SK's but for PC's in group - has been buggy on some servers.
- minor dps increase in both pet and mage (about 200k each)

- dirty fighting adds proc sand in the eyes (11250)
- rogues fury, nice offensive CD potentially - did not fire in game.
- twisted shank, dot and reduc heal effectiveness on target, values too low to be of use.
- *** major break - looks as if the new AA's or levels have broken the mastery talents for rogues - zero green spam relating to additional attacks of backstabs. DPS dropped significantly, like down to 1.2m

- no noticible difference in amount healed for, most AA's effected crit chance, not amount).
- convergence of spirits, largely useless (quick heal+short regen and DS) as amount is trivial
- natures boon, again largely unused since amount is trivial - could be an option for druids to get some kind of "totem" heal option
- spirit of the white wolf, self only polymorph with bonus to spell heal crit and cold resistance, values too small to be useful though
- spirit of the black wolf, as above but for DD spell crit and fire resistance, again too small to be useful

- Doppleganger's beckon, reduces reuse on an ability that doesnt do much of anythign at all??
- mana draw, 1minute buff that increases mana by 500/tick with a 2h 24m cooldown. i have 743k mana.
- Nightmare stasis looks good, -15% to hit for 2m on mob up to your level+3 so 78. maybe increase level restriction to make it useable on bosses? and reduce cooldown from 36m
- sanguine mind crystal, summons a 1x use, no trade, temp, lore, clickie item that heals for ... 1150 :(
- azure mind crystal, as above but grants 1000 mana
- veil of mindshadow, self only 85% melee rune up to 3500dmg. increase the dmg absorbed?
- eldritch rune, still largely useless self only rune for 3900 points of dmg

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