Bug Reporting/Exploiting Policy

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Bug Reporting/Exploiting Policy

Post by Enine » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:06 pm

Moving forward we believe it is important to have a policy to handle the issue of bugs when they present themselves.

Bug Reporting

If you discover an actual bug, you are expected to report it to us preferably via these forums (or Discord). The bug will be investigated and dealt with. Depending on the nature and/or severity of the bug, the person reporting is may be rewarded in-game. Potential rewards may include:

- Platinum
- Custom titles
- Cosmetic ornamentations
- Other things that do not give an advantage in game, but provide an extra bit of fun

Bug Exploiting

If you find an bug and choose not to report it, there will be consequences that depend on the extent and severity of the bug being exploited. Possible consequences for bug exploitation include:

1. Warning
2. Warning + removal of anything gained through the bug
3. Removal of anything gained + suspension
4. Permanent ban

These are not linear steps. We do not have to do one before the others.

If you encounter or witness someone exploiting a bug - report it immediately.

The bottom line is - if you find/experience a bug, please report it so we can maintain the integrity of the server and provide a fair and equal environment for everyone to play in. We want this server to be a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone and will not tolerate any individual or groups who try to gain n advantage through dishonest play.

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