Warp and MQ2 Policy

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Warp and MQ2 Policy

Post by Enine » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:05 pm

1. General Policy on Warp

Note: This does not apply to POP & Ultimate zones. Those are covered in (2.).

The short version is, if it doesn't hurt anyone else, I will not pay much mind to it unless it's a ridiculous exploit up until POP. If you are not sure if something is a ridiculous exploit or not, assume it is! An example of a ridiculous exploit is warping ahead of legit content that is otherwise gated by keys/events/etc.

If I get verifiable reports on folks using warp to get ahead of others who are legitimately clearing content, I will issue a warning first. A second event will result in a ban and appeals will not be considered.

8/10/2018: Ranged pulling using cleric hammers or sword of xuzl from other groups, whether they are progressing to a camp or in the camp is a serious offense and will be dealt with very harshly!

2. On POP Zones, Ultimate Zones & Warp:

Warp is totally banned within any POP or Ultimate zone. Do them right!
All warp events are logged and will be reviewed consistently. If I see anything in logs, 1 warning will be issued and then a ban. Anything gained, including flags or gear, will be removed in the event of a warning. These zones are meant to be played like traditional EQ


Zero tolerance for rigging the game via warping to areas that should otherwise be out of bounds. The same warning & bane approach will be used as above.


1. Absolutely no usage of warp if you have some sort of automated afk macro.

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