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Server Info And Files

Post by Enine » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:04 pm

**Note On Updating Server Files**

As of 1/10/2019 it is highly suggested you either use the new patcher from this location: or grab the files manually from there. I will no longer be hosting the files on the forum after this week.

Main Feature Rundown
-Max Level: 70
-Players: 3 per IP Address, most encounters require 2-4 characters max in era.
-Raids: Tuned and on a mostly 1-hour or less respawn timer.
-XP: Greatly increased while still retaining a sense of progression.
-Progression: Traditional through POP.
-Custom Progression Quest: Quest for each era through POP.
-4 Tiers of Custom Loot: Purchasable via currency earned each time you kill mobs. The currency you get depends on the level of the mob.
-Custom End-Game: Hand-crafted instances available after POP. They come with scaling monsters based on your Ultimate Rank, custom events, and great loot.
-Custom Crafting: Forge will make you Ultimate Weapons and Armor.
-Gambler: Reroll your custom end-game items for even better ones...or lose them completely...
-Uber Bosses: Turn in custom currency (Ultimate Tokens) dropped within the end-game to spawn the most powerful mobs on the server. Amazing loot, but you will want to bring some friends!
-Treasure Goblins: Rumor has it they carry a lot of coin and famous old-world loot.
-Classes: All are tuned and powerful! No flavor of the month here.
-Custom Augments: Epic --> Epic Augment for those who like doing the epic questline, and others via custom currency.
-Tons of unique (and often powerful) clickies that are always usable from inventory, which makes for some very interesting class -> non-class spell interactions.
-MQ: We don't mind track, but warp abuse is a bad idea!
-Regen: Fast HP/Mana/End regen on rested state.
-Client: Should work fine with all EQ clients.
-Conveniences: Custom translocator, cash for AA vendor, race changer, buffer, spell trainer (spells/discs/etc are also auto-learned in most cases).

We have fond memories of servers like Imperium, Addicted Dads, and Leetsauce. Our hope is that this server incorporates some of the things we liked in those, along with our own twist. The custom content should keep folks coming back for a long time, and we will continually add additional instances for that. The custom gear should make you feel powerful and make things fun. Little touches like treasure goblins will keep the mood light.

Discord Link: Link: ... post259128
Spell File (Last updated: 1/10/2019 9:00 PM EST): ... s.txt?dl=0
Global Load 1 (Last updated: 7/1/2018): ... r.txt?dl=0
Global Load 2 (Last updated: 7/1/2018):

Plane of Hate files for ROF2 Clients (Last updated: 7/1/2018):

**How To Solve Common Issues**

ROF2 Client Setup
1. Start by downloading the downloader:
In the zip file will contain a client_download.bat - you can run this as Administrator to start downloading the client files

2. Download server specific files in the post above. The spell file is updated quite frequently.

3. Place the spells_us.txt in your base EQ folder, global load files in the /resources/ subfolder, and Plane of Hate zone files in the base EQ folder.

4. Create a shortcut to EverQuest that DOES NOT USE THE EQLIVE PATCHER.

Go to your EverQuest directory
Find EQGame.exe
Create a shortcut to EQGame.exe on your desktop (right click --> Send to --> Desktop (create shortcut)
Right click on the newly created shortcut to EQGame.exe on your desktop
Select "Properties"
Look for "target" and add " patchme" after the text (with a space before the word patchme)
Example: "C:\EverQuest\eqgame.exe" patchme

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