New player questions

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New player questions

Post by Ugmar » Sun Jun 14, 2020 4:31 pm

Hi all. This looks like a very interesting server and I am planning to check it out. I get Father's day off from job and kid responsibility so I'm planning a nice marathon session that day to get started.

Couple of questions I would love to have answered before I get going. Some are opinions and I welcome them. If possible just explain your reasons why when giving them.

I plan to 3 box, but don't plan to use a program. I have experience doing up to 5 boxes manually and regularly do a 3 box on TAKP. If I hang out long enough I might download a program, but won't start with it.

1 - It sounds like corpse recovery and exp loss are not an issue here. Is that true or is that still something to consider in your group composition.

2 - Are there any really crucial functions that are hard / impossible / prohibitive to replacate? Examples from classic live: crowd control, snare, slow, rez. To a lesser degree things like: corpse summons, port/evac, tracking.

3 - Do mobs here summon? Also can pets functionally tank bosses, or do you need a PC to go toe to toe?

4 - Is it about single fights, big groups, waves of mobs? Do you get a chance to rest and rebuff frequently, or is it more frantic with the pace of things?

5 - what do you think a new player should know?

6 - Group comp suggestions. I have played all the classes to level cap in some iteration of the game and they can all be appealing so nothing is off limits. Goal being solo progression with a 3 box.

Thanks for your time and looking forward to playing.

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