2/27/2019 - God Tier 1 Development

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2/27/2019 - God Tier 1 Development

Post by Shodai » Thu Feb 28, 2019 12:11 am

Planning is complete and work has started on the new tier of progression. The following features will be implemented:

1. New HUB (Won't be an MPG)
2. Level increase (probably by quest turn-ins for each level, AA's probably disabled)
3. Consolidation of items back to just gear drops which are the main source of stats/clicks/focus effects. Rarity comes back. There will be vendor gear for normal kill credits and 'raid/boss' version of gear that drop in zones.
4. Items become tradable with a level requirement
5. New Ultimate 3.0 (potentially more elaborate than Ultimate 2.0, unsure if I want this to be the last thing you do in old zones/requirement for new zones)
6. Spells will drop again and new talents will most likely focus on them. They will be rare drops off trash and part of boss drops.
7. New talents will add more tiers, etc. Talent credits will be a secondary currency which can be gained by killing boss targets.
8. First new zone will be modeled like sleeper's, with trash/minis and raid targets
9. Will use new era zones, no more old-school zones (see bertox/brells)

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