UltimateEQ Patcher

Keep Your Client Up To Date

The UltimateEQ Patcher can be used to keep your files in sync with the server. As the spell file is highly customized and frequently updated, it is advantageous to use this application. The patcher will also keep your global load files up to date, make sure you have appropriate zone files, and it will even automatically launch EQ for you if you wish.

It is highly recommended you use ROF2 as your client. If you do not have ROF2 the patcher can help you get that setup as well.

Playing Without The Patcher

If you do not wish to use the patcher, or simply cannot for technical reasons, you can always update (or create from scratch) your local install manually using the following links:

1. ROF2 Everquest Client: Download
2. Spell File: Right click and choose Save link as.... (Place in your root EQ folder)
3. Global Load Files: Download. (Extract into your EQ /resources/ subfolder)
4. Plane of Hate Map Files: Download. (Extract into your root EQ folder)