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New Infrastructure & A Bit of PR

January 9, 2019

The official UltimateEQ Website is now live! This means the old forums will soon be retired.

Along with an official website, a new patcher has been created. You can find a link to it within the navigation bar above, or click here. You will also find a great deal of helpful information in regards to Discord, the new Wiki, and the new Forums.

And with that, here is some cool stuff recently created.

Death Gate

With the latest Tier 8 Talents release, shadowknights have a rather unique summoning them can perform.

Transmogification Assistant

With over 2000 options, the Transmogrification Assistant will let you choose any item model for your primary and secondary slots. You can even save favorites for quick recall.

Summon Dimensional Portal

With the latest Tier 8 Talents release, mages may now summon two dimensional portals, which their group members can use for quick movement throughout the zone.

Plastic Surgeon

If the npc model exists, and is not exploitable, the Plastic Surgeon will let you set your race accordinly. He will also give you a Quick Fixup Orb, which can instantly transform you into your last used race.